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Citi Mosaic provides a holistic approach to your next move by offering a range of services and accommodations that are customized to your individual needs. As we nurture existing relationships, we are eager to bring the exact fervor with our new clients by offering homes ranging from rentals, condos/ co-ops to townhouses.




What makes our hearts beat is the personal touch. We know this city and more importantly want to get to know you. You can rely on us to find you a perfect place to call home in New York City. Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable living experience. 





At Citi Mosaic, we are dead set on understanding your values, empathetic to your vision and overall value your long-term relationship. We know that you are busy, and with no minutes to waste, we are off to efficiently and effectively help you navigate and furnish your housing needs. With our boutique attention and big firm posture, Citi Mosaic doesn’t rest until your goals are met.




The trust that we have earned has been carved out of our integrity and promise to bring each client the unique attention that has them calling this city their home. Through this commitment we have made long-time customers our friends and look forward to providing new clients with the same passion and connection that we have always offered. And it all starts from a little chat. 




We are adept in the industry and believe in offering unparalleled dedication to service and attention until you rent, sell or buy the next big thing in your life. And with all of this love and attention to you, we are confident that you will return or tell a friend that Citi Mosaic had your back all the way.


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