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cit·i  mo·sa·ic

/ˈsidē/ /mōˈzāik/

New York City is an intricately decorated mosaic defined by the cultures, customs and characters who call this place home. Citi Mosaic specializes in navigating the nuances that this adorned city offers. Let us help you thread your own tapestry as you create your own 'citi mosaic' stories in your new abode.

Real People.   Real Relationships.   Real Results.

When we think back to why we started Citi Mosaic, we are easily reminded of what carries over from each of our relationships. It's that little chat- the seemingly meaningless- but vital discussion where an ear is precisely attuned to what you are truly saying. It's within those few minutes, that we begin to share what means the most to us. It’s connections. Those connections, those relationships, have sustained us at Citi Mosaic. We begin the same way with each customer- assessing your bottom line needs and fostering a relationship that extends beyond the sale. From first time home buyers, to baby showers, to first grade- we've been there. Relationships are at the cornerstone of Citi Mosaic's business philosophy, founded on five core beliefs. 


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